The App for Outdoor Enthusiasts

At Numb3rs, we are bringing together information and innovation to create educational apps that solve puzzles, provide accurate and valuable knowledge, and allow our users to think differently about the world around them. Like most great technological pioneers, we started the development of our most recent outdoor activity app to address a problem that we stumbled upon. While our solution is still in development, we've already made great progress towards our ultimate outcome — an app that will offer both relevant information and out-of-the-box options for outdoor enthusiasts and our other app users.

With this app, we aim to offer a breadth and depth of education never before achieved in such a small, technologically advanced package. While it is currently still in the research and development stages, we expect a prototype to be available soon. The app will be usable on smartphones, preferably iOS/Apple smart phone products.


Target Population

We foresee a wide range of uses for the app. It can be utilized by people from varied backgrounds and interests, from any age group (who can read and write), for work or pleasure including tourism, hiking, fishing, horticulture, engineering, construction, to name a few. The app will also be simple enough to operate that even a 6-year-old can use it for a personal or school project.



We are collaborating with several experts to further the research and development. At the same time, we are incorporating our findings to develop a viable product. Subsequently, we will move to the next step, which includes manufacturing and selecting vendors for the new product.


The price is not yet determined. The app is still in the research and development stages. Pricing will be addressed when a working prototype is ready for launch.